Message In A Bottle

by Nicholas Sparks

Have you ever once lost faith in the power of love? Nicholas Sparks proves to you that love conquers all in this spectacular love story after his bestselling novel, The Notebook. Theresa Osbourne is a Boston Times writer and the type of woman who believes that once hurt you'll be more likely to get hurt again. She's a single mother, divorced and has a 12-year-old son named Kevin whom her other dates tend to take for granted. But Theresa never took another risky leap for love because no one had ever gave her serious chances. That is until she finds the bottle.

Washed up along the Cape Cod beach while jogging, a mysterious bottle sticking out of the seashore caught Theresa's attention. She takes it, only to find a heart-gripping letter addressed to Catherine, written by someone whose name is Garrett. Having read this and after finding two more letters in bottles washed up along beaches somewhere, Theresa is determined to find Garrett in search of also something which she hopes to revive her lost belief in romance.

She intended only to meet and greet the wonderful author of the mysterious love letters. But little did Theresa know that the letters would be the keys to her journey to love.

I could say that this book took my heart away. This was one book you couldn't put down - unless you really have to go to the bathroom. But even though, I still took this book to the bathroom because the story is heartwarming that even if you think that it is likely to be predictable, you would still find yourself holding the book till the end, determined to finish it. The plot is greatly arranged and small details weren't left out. However, the tempo of the story seemed to be a bit fast especially at the point where Garrett and Theresa fell in love with each other. You couldn't believe how fast the events were given that Garrett was a husband who just lost his wife to some accident three years ago.

Given the characters and over-all score, this book gets two thumbs up! The characters were well-casted and the story tickles the human interest for bottles travelling the ocean. You will even see yourself believing Sparks' narration about bottles.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


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