by Gene Brewer

This book was brimming of information - from psychology to reality. It was a masterpiece brought by Gene Brewer. The story moved me to inspiration and it gave me a better look at the world.

The plot revolved around 'prot' - a patient of Manhattan Psychiatric Institute who claims that he was an extra-terrestrial being from the planet he calls K-PAX. He was found in a bus terminal in New York and thus confined to MPI because of this belief.

I watched the movie first before the book so it gave me a very clear idea of what I would be reading now. When I started flipping the pages of K-PAX, I was pretty amazed that the plot went goes smoothly and almost everything were interconnected. The book focused more on the psychological aspect because Dr. Gene Brewer, one of the protagonist, aimed to find out and reveal prot's true identity and prove to him that he was merely but a human.

I loved prot's character. He was such a fascinating man (otherwise, if he isn't then he's a K-PAXian) because of his intelligence regarding astronomy. He presents his perception of the reality that humans don't realize. I liked the fact when he said that: (not really his exact words) "Crazy people are not really insane. They are just simply different from the majority. And if they were the majority, we would be the crazy people in their perspective."

The book was really satisfying and moving. It triggered some of my doubts as a human. prot was such interesting that you'd love to have a character like him in a book. This is the kind of book that I don't want to put down. When I finished K-PAX though, I was really disappointed and at the same time, elated to have ended it. The ending solved just some of the questions but the majority of the conflicts presented will leave you hanging till the end.

Rating: 5 stars


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Currenly Reading
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  • The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
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