Oh My Goth

by Gena Showalter

Love the story of this book - it revolves around individuality of a person. Jade is the eccentric Goth girl who finds herself struggling to stand out from the crowd. Her school rival Mercedes, is getting on her nerves and she has to find a way to stop her from spreading her evil scheme. They are very opposite: Jade loves black and gothic things while Mercedes loves girlie stuffs. They are both put into shock when they learned that the principal decides that they must go to a special field trip.

In the real world, everyone seemed to be Barbie clones. Well that's the opposite of the virtual game: now every single person is goth and they're trying to be Jade's friends. In this world, she is famous and well-appreciated. She's in total center attraction while Mercedes is looked down on and is disregarded. Jade thinks she can't handle any more of these pretensions and as much as possible get away from it all plus her only true friends don't want to talk to her. What would you do if you sought for people's acceptance and it is granted but your true friends won't talk to you?

Now, their excursion turned out to be a virtual game that'll teach them a lot about their lives. The two find themselves clinging to each other and helping out to escape this nightmarish punishment.

I could see myself relating to Jade because at one point in my life I decided to have my individuality. But as I read this book, it made me felt like I was in the game. The plot was good and I enjoyed the story but I got myself hanging in the end. I wish I could read more from this book. :)

Rating: 4 stars - This story made me laugh and envy at how things turn out to be good in the end. I love the way Jade thinks about the new boy Clarik and the ending put me to the edge of my seat.


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Currenly Reading
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  • The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
  • Looking For Alaska by John Green

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