The Princess Diaries

by Meg Cabot

Mia Thermopolis is the common type, or so she thinks. She's a flat-chested five-foot-nine freshman who happens to be flunking in Algebra - she really hates the subject.

But a big surprise comes her way when she learns that her mom is dating her Algebra teacher, and the shocker does not only stop on that. Her dad also comes to New York to announce that she'll be the new heir to the Genovian throne. Plus, her Grandmére is coming too! And she's about to give Mia some lecturing sessions on 'how to be a princess'. But Mia doesn't want to be a princess, except for the privileges this would give. She just wants to be the same Mia, only better. But what can she do? She has no choice but to face the fact that she would be the princess of Genovia.

This book is awesome, like reading a diary from your best friend. I could relate to Mia since we both dislike Math and/or Algebra. It's kind of funny that she writes her homework in her diary. I really felt comfortable reading this one. Also, I was laughing at the fact that her best friend Lilly Moscovitz has a stalker who likes to see Lilly's feet on TV!

I recommend this book to anyone who basically dislike Algebra or generally the Math subject, has a crush inside the campus, has a best friend (but if it's okay if you don't have one), and a little feeling of inferiority that somehow makes you wish you were someone as cool as Lana Weinberger.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars - I liked the fact that this book was in a diary type and it was funny that the author used multiple punctuations! This book is fit for teens and pre-teens, it will make you happy and sad. It will make you dream and even be envious that Mia has such privileges. But the book also teaches the value of loving who you truly are and the people who stay true to you. You need not be beautiful to be appreciated because what matters most is that you love yourself.


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Currenly Reading
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  • The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
  • Looking For Alaska by John Green

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