Broken China

by Lori Aurelia Williams

China Cup Cameron is a fourteen-year-old student struggling to fit both of her lifestyle in school and at home as a mom to her little daughter Amina. Now before you get thinking that this story might be a cliché, take time to read the first set of chapters before you make any conclusion.

This is a tip for you readers for the reason that at first I was appalled with the idea of reading something like this - it's my first time to read a novel that revolves around teenage pregnancy and black people. Honestly I almost gave up with the book at its early stage because I am simply off with black slang language (no racism intended but this is my opinion). I can't handle the difficulty in reading the context but a good point is that it does reflect the true conversation and culture of black people in cities like where China lives.

The book is all about the struggles China has to face: raising up her own child, keeping good grades at school, taking care of his uncle at home, and building a strong character for herself. All of which were put to vain when Amina suddenly dies and China has to pay for her funeral and memorial services. After seeing the amount she owes, she is forced to quit school and get a job. But what job would a fourteen-year-old girl have if she's dropped from class? Only the strip dance club downtown accepts such cases: Obsidian Queens.

Reading the book, it seemed to me that it was more like a memoir than a novel. Lori Aurelia Williams did a good job reflecting what today's youth is more likely about. She has also effectively enumerated the consequences of pre-marital sex and the hardship of being a young mother to Amina and made you feel that China was human and not just a character in a book.

The only thing I didn't like in the story is how dreamy or idealistic it went: Trip, Amina's biological father still turns out to be her best friend in the long run which is least likely to happen in reality. However, I must say this book has pulled me by the nose, and the lessons you will pick up will come very handy. My estimate is that I finished this book in a span of five days.

Rating: 4 stars


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Currenly Reading
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