A Song for Jeffrey

by Constance M. Foland

Dodie used to have fun with her brother Peter, but since he went to junior high school he changed a lot from her best friend to a boring brother. Her parents have separated too, which made matters worse. And if things couldn't get any better than that, she doesn't have real friends at school.

So when a new neighbor moves in, she's curious to know if there is any kid. And surely there is - a boy named Jeffrey. But Jeffrey isn't like any other kid who can run around and go chase Dodie. There is something that hinders him from doing so. Dodie is curious about it and soon she finds out that Jeffrey has muscular dystrophy, a type of disorder wherein he can't use his legs because they are severely weak.

When I picked up this book, I knew it would be good - for one, it's about friendship and two, anything that concerns disease is my type of read. A story of hope, trust and kindness, A Song for Jeffrey narrates Dodie's effort to befriend Jeff. At first she almost failed but as her father tells her to count on the saying, "persistence wears down resistance", they soon became best friends.

I laughed and cried with this book (yes, even if it was meant for young people I managed to put my heart into reading it). You will find yourself with familiar characters; there is huge role of sympathy, reminiscence and faith in this story. Looking into Dodie's point of view, I understand her worries and her curiosity, as Peter there is part of me that can't blame him to be a bit cold with Dodie especially that he's got peers of his age, and for Jeffrey I can feel his positivity all-throughout and at times, his sadness with regards to his condition.

I recommend this book not only because it's about Jeffrey's muscular dystrophy; this book for younger readers will encourage them to look at things on a brighter side, learn to turn to prayers and seek assistance and guidance from God. This book also heightens awareness, sensitivity and proper response to such medical disorders.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars - I finished this book in just a span of 1 1/2 days.


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